Friday, April 20 & Saturday April 21, 2018

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Mixed Media With a Twist
Lucy Riggs

Friday, April 20
9:00am – 11:00am
Limit 20
$25 (includes supplies)

Mixed Media Artists will love this hands on workshop!

Come prepared to get your hands dirty and experience a variety of products designed to enhance your mixed media work.

Learn about new products for mixed media artists, including Strathmore’sjust introduced Toned Mixed Media Papersavailable in three lovely colors. In your explorations you will primarily be using surfaces designed for mixed media which have the advantage of combining the characteristics of watercolor paper with the finish of a drawing sheet.  They are Ideal for watercolor, gouache, acrylic, graphite, pen and ink, colored pencil, marker, pastel and collage.  In other words GREAT FOR WET AND DRY MEDIA!  Learn about and use a variety of products on your sample surfaces.  Some may be familiar and some may will be new to you.

Water soluble and permanent materials will be used. In the permanent category, FABER-CASTELL Pitt Pens are a staff favorite –a unique brush pen which comes in a wide variety of colors, and is actually light fast and waterproof. The brush tip allows you to go from thin lines to thick lines in the blink of an eye.  Imagine the ability to use this fabulous pen under your wet media without worry of running or fading. One word comes to mind WOW!  You will be able to use some of these pens in this mini-workshop.

Other staff favorites which you will have the opportunity to use are the Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils and Faber Castell’s Polychromos Pencils which are simply the most luscious colored pencils on the market today.   These products and many more are certain to spark your imagination. Be prepared to have some fun in this exciting workshop.

We have some new products to introduce to you this year……mum’s the word.

About The Presenter: Lucy Riggs received her BFA from The University of Texas.  She has been an artist, illustrator, and teacher for over 30 years.   Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious.  We have had rave reviews from everyone who has taken any of her workshops

Fredrix Artist Canvas Lecture and Demo
Jeremy Franklin

Friday, April 20
11:45am – 1:15pm
Limit 20
Beginner to professional



The NEW “Stretch-It-Yourself” Canvas Kit by Fredrix LETS YOU PAINT BIG.  Have you ever wanted to paint a large canvas but couldn’t get it into your vehicle to get it home? With this new kit that is not a problem.  With Fredrix New “Stretch-It-Yourself CANVAS KIT you can also stretch a large canvas, unstretch it and ship it and the stretcher bars in the same box you bought it in to your client in another location.

During this Lecture/Demo you will learn everything you’ll need to know about artist canvas.  Come touch and feel the different textures, finishes and purposes fo the world’s widest variety of artists canvas.

At the end of Lecture/Demo you will learn how to stretch a canvas using the NEW Fredrix “Stretch-It-Yourself” Canvas Kit.

Fredrix Artist Canvas is a 150 year old manufacturing company based in the United States. Fredrix produces over 10 million square yards of canvas annually that’s used by the world’s best artists

About the Presenter: Jeremy is our representative for Fredrix Canvas.  He has been in our industry for over 20 years.  He is also President of the National Art Materials Trade Association (NAMTA).

Thibra NEW Sculptable Plastic
Easy and Fun Hands on Workshop
John Weber

Friday, April 20
1:45pm – 3:30pm
Limit 15
Beginner to professional


Endless possibilities for creative applications.

With Thibra you can make costumes, masks, harnesses, props and parts of decor, such as jewelry, lampshades, bowls, etc. You can also create and repair scale model objects as well as build prototypes and sculptures.  Heat it to copy the shape of any existing product in your home or to make silicone molds for jewelry, lamps, bowls, wall decoration, necklaces, or pendants

Easy to heat and shape • Strong and doesn’t tear easily • Can be spray painted, printed and stamped • Easy to reshape over and over again when heated with a hot air gun • Combines well with felt, textile, foam and more • Can be used with adhesives when cooled • Excellent alternative for expensive methods such as vacuum forming • Can be layered and still filled and sanded

In this workshopyou will be using Thibra sculpting plastic to make a flat design with texture on a panel. Wrap objects, twigs and other 3 dimensional objects with the plastic as wells use rubber molds. You can then adhere the objects to the textured surface and colorize with Tommy Art metallic acrylics.  This will be a fun productive workshop and will allow you to find out firsthand how this BRAND NEWproduct can be added to your art practice.

Thibrais an innovative thermoplastic that easily forms into any shape.  This is a high-quality, affordable sculpting plastic that allows people to create items for architectural prototypes, cosplay, theatre design, jewelry, and crafts.  It can be also be used for sculpture.

About the Presenter: John Weber has been involved with the arts industry for over 40 years.  When time allows he spends time on his own creations.  He is a representative for many of the fine art products you see in our store.  He is a wealth of knowledge and he will also be in our store demonstrating some products and answering your questions.

Mixed Media with Pan Pastels and Enkaustikos Hot Sticks Enkaustikos and Pan Pastels
Ryan Weber

Friday, April 20
4:00pm – 5:30pm
Limit 15
Beginner to professional


For this workshop you will be working on panels coated with an encaustic base which will be prepared for you in advance.  Using Pan Pastels you will create a painting or design on the surface of the encaustic panel.  Using a heat gun to heat the surface you can create a design or simply heat it. Using Enkaustikos Hot Sticks you will then add some dimensional art to the painting.  There are many techniques for using enkaustics and pan pastels together.   This is a unique way to create Mixed Media paintings.

About the Presenter: Ryan Weber is a national demonstrator for several manufacturers of art products. He has been featured in national art supply catalogs and has illustrated children’s books. Ryan has made instructional painting videos and had his works published as examples in art books


The GOLDEN “A to Z” of Acrylics
Lecture Demo
Maureen Seeba and Barbara Jackson

Saturday, April 21
9:00am – 11:00am
Limit 25

This lecture packs in a ton of valuable inforrmation about acrylics, guiding listeners through the basics while opening up new possibilities.

Gain information about mineral and modern pigments and how this relates to clean color mixing, glazing and the creation of fabulous new colors.

Learn the unique properties of Fluids, Heavy Body, OPEN and High Flow Acrylics. Discover Interference and Iridescent paints for unusual effects.

Get a comprehensive overview on the many Gels & Mediums and how they can change texture, saturation and intensity of color, used for sculptural effects and more.

The lecture includes a review of Grounds that create truly, contemporary surfaces for painting, drawing, pastel, digital printing and mixed media. Each lecture includes an array of examples of these materials put to use. Attendees leave the lecture enthusiastic to explore the extensive potential of acrylic painting!

The lecture also includes a brief introduction to our non-acrylic products, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors and QoR Watercolor.

About the Presenters

MAURAEEN SEEBA is a professional artist and teacher living and working in Houston, Texas. She is represented in more than twelve galleries in the United States and in Australia. Her work is found in many public and private collections throughout the US and overseas.  Seeba is the recipient of numerous awards, including the National Endowment for the Arts Prize, 1991 Maureen’s teaching style is encouraging, effusive and simple. She’s generous with her time, knowledge, experience.

BARBARA JACKSON is a Houston based artist who born in New York and has lived in Europe, California, and Hawaii. She received her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii and took post-graduate training in Florence, Italy where she studied classical painting techniques and conservation methodology. Her work is held in public, corporate and private collections in the United States and Europe.  She is a dedicated teacher with over twenty-five years of experience as a studio arts instructor at museums, art schools and universities in Hawaii and California. She continues to teach art and present lectures as the GOLDEN Certified Working Artist for Texas.

Mixed Media with New Marabu Products
Marabu Creative Products
Chris Cruz

Saturday, April 21
12:00pm – 2:00pm
Limit 20

Beginner to Professional

Discover how you can create unique artwork and art journals layer by layer using the Marabu “Mixed Media” product range.  Find endless mixed media possibilities with our Art Crayon and work on porous and non-porous surfaces, such as glass, Styrofoam, Polypropylene and papier-mâché using Marabu Glass and Porcelain paints and Easy Marble.  Marabu has a paint for every surface. In this information filled workshop. This is your opportunity to try some of these fabulous mixed media products. There will be some Marabu Fashion and Art Sprays in the room for you to experiment with should you desire.

In This Workshop

You will use the NEWESTMarabu product Aqua pensto learn how to create great watercolors with these versatile markers. You will use porcelain paints to learn how you can pour paint to get the look of stained glass. With the use of Marabu Art Crayons you will not only create great backgrounds but we will also create a work of art.

Abstract art is very popular right now and you will discover the great method of marblingwith Marabu Marble Paint. This can be done with paper, fabric, plastic and canvas.

You can mix it!

 About the Presenter: Chris Cruz has been an art educator long enough to retire. Lucky for us she is continuing her teaching as a traveling artist for Marabu USA.  Chris also teaches a number of workshops in Birmingham, Alabama where she currently lives. Welcome Chris to Art Supply Expo as one of our newest precentors. I am sure you will love her enthusiasm for what she does.

Beyond Gelli Plate Printing:

Enhancing your Gelli Plates
Lucy Riggs

Saturday, April 21
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Limit 15
$45 (includes your very own 5×7 Gelli plate)
$40.00 (bring your own Gelli plate)

Lucy has been creating even more art works using Gelli plate printing.  With each work she has discovered something new to incorporate into her art.  She now gets to share these discoveries with you in this workshop full of new techniques for both beginners and experienced creative people. By incorporating a multi-media approach you will be able to create one of a kind prints, collages, mixed media drawings & paintings, journal pages, and more. You will learn to utilize the unique qualities of Gelli Plate printing including its playful immediacy and versatility. The possibilities are endless and the discovery boundless, allowing your imagination to lead you where YOU want to go.

As part of our explorations you will be using Golden Open Acrylics, texturing tools, templates, stamps, watercolor, collage materials, ink and more. Gelli plates are an artist friendly product which invites many different styles of exploration in the creative process. Come join the revolution and discover your own style!  We may have a few new surprises this year!

About the Presenter: Lucy Riggs received her BFA from The University of Texas. She has been an artist, illustrator, and teacher for over 30 years. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She receives rave reviews from everyone who have taken her workshops