We’re Artists! We Make Stuff Up! Veterans Exploring Interiors

One of our customers (and friend), Susan Giannantonio, saw Scott Pelley on 60 minutes covering the horrible statistics of suicides among Iraq and Afghanistan war vets. She immediately thought about how painting was such a therapeutic and healing experience and decided to offer free water media instruction to any veteran who might be interested. She created a class for Veterans in an economically depressed part of northern Appalachia (far western NY) at Chautauqua Lake in Mayville, NY, where she spends her summers.

Here first day of class she had 4 students and here is the link to see the results. Thank you Susan! http://susangiannantonioclasses.blogspot.com/
Barbara lives Houston, Texas where she maintains her studio. Her work is available through the ANARTE Gallery in San Antonio, Texas.